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Advisory Board

The Chemical Engineering Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) consists of a representative cross-section of the company and academic representatives who employ/educate our students both before and after graduation.

The IAB Objectives are to:

  • Review the Chemical Engineering program’s goals and objectives.
  • Provide feedback related to the Chemical Engineering curricula and research directions.
  • Actively participate and provide comments, suggestions and feedback on academic issues, especially with respect to the ABET accreditation criteria.
  • Assist in defining Chemical engineering program objectives.
  • Review elements of key courses in the curriculum for currency and relevance to professional practice.
  • Examine the applicability of faculty research and development activities.
  • Enhance the visibility of the Chemical Engineering Engineering Department.
  • Serve as a corporate liaison to facilitate development of coops for chemical engineering students.

The IAB meets annually in May to review and assess of the Chemical Engineering program. For more information, contact the Chemical Engineering Department at (585) 475-4150 or via email (