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Nanoscale Energy & Separation Materials Lab (NESML)

NESML investigates the use of various nanomaterials (e.g. carbon nanotubes) in separation applications that have a primary focus on environmental remediation.  Our research primarily looks at adsorption as a means of separating undesired compounds such that improvements in water quality at both the local and global scales are achieved.  In addition, device applications, such as chemical and biological sensors, are investigated to potentially impact emergency responders and defense industries.  The second branch of this lab looks at next generation battery chemistries with a specific focus on Na-ion batteries.  Opportunities in energy storage necessitate the development of chemistries where the raw materials are abundant in order to keep costs low for household and transportation needs.  We utilize different synthesis techniques (e.g. solvothermal or microwave) in order to develop cathode materials that could supplement current battery technologies and advance fundamental knowledge in the battery community.