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RIT’s John D. Hromi Center for Quality & Applied Statistics (CQAS) provides training, education, and consulting to companies and non-profits.  Our core mission is to help organizations improve performance. The Center’s close affiliation with the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering in the Kate Gleason College of Engineering matches our focus on the application of statistical methods and decision sciences to the engineering of processes and systems to improve quality and productivity.

Created in 1983, CQAS has achieved international recognition for excellence in the fields of quality management and applied statistics. Dr. John D. Hromi came to RIT in 1981 as the Frederick H. Minnett Distinguished Professor and established the Center for Quality and Applied Statistics. The Center is named in recognition of Dr. Hromi's accomplishments and a new building was dedicated in 1992 with the presence of Dr. Joseph M. Juran, celebrated international authority in industrial statistics and quality control. 

The strength of CQAS lies in the knowledge and experience of its professional staff as well as faculty and staff from across the RIT campus who are affiliated with the Center and the delivery of its products and services. These professionals are teachers, consultants, real-world problem solvers, respected speakers, authors, and active members of professional societies.

The Wallace Memorial Library and the Media Resource Center provide access to a wealth of state-of-the-art reference material vital to the programs offered by the Center.

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