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NEW! Introduction to Process Improvement

Register August 2, 2018  

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Have a nagging problem with a process that takes too much time, resources or is just not predictable? Want to change the way you work to be more productive with higher quality but you don't know how to start and how to get change to happen?

Wait no more - our class will show you the way to get started. You will leave with a plan to work a specific process improvement, goals for the new process and methods to get to the best solution and introduce change successfully.

Learn from experienced industry experts who are saving time, money and measurably improving their bottom lines - whether for profit, non-profit, government, education, healthcare or any other organization.

Upon completition you will:

  • Know how to select a process with higher potential for payback
  • Identify the process problems, areas of variability and time robbers
  • Acquire some new appraoches to maintain change and sustain process gains



Thursday, July 19, 2018
8:30 am - noon

RIT campus, Building 14, Hugh L. Carey Hall, rooms 2575/2585

Register August 2, 2018  

Let Me Know About Future Classes


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Susan Chapman
PHONE: (585) 475-6990
FAX: (585) 475-5959



There is no charge for this event