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Process Mapping

Process mapping is a powerful tool for business improvement. It allows businesses to understand, manage and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations. Process mapping plays an important role in Six Sigma and Lean approaches to process improvement, as well as in the Baldrige criteria and ISO 9000 standards. No matter which quality initiatives are implemented in your company, process mapping should become part of your Quality Management System.

In this hands-on, two-day seminar, you will learn specific tools for process mapping, such as flow-charting, process performance metrics, structural analysis, and value stream maps.  This course provides 0.7 CEUs.


  • Individuals involved in process or quality improvement efforts
  • Process owners, Managers or Analysts
  • Coordinators of ISO, TQM, CQI, Lean, or Six Sigma


  • Identifying and understanding your organization’s core processes
  • Evaluating which activities add value for your customers
  • Improving your efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Eliminating system flaws the result in poor quality


  • Systems thinking
  • Process flowcharts
  • Process performance metrics
  • Structural analysis
  • Process mapping in Six Sigma
  • Value stream maps in Lean
  • Process approach in ISO 9000