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David Bassett »
Hardinge Inc.

My company started down the LSS route about four years ago.  My position at the very beginning was to develop a strategy for the company to drive performance excellence globally.  The LSS Black Belt training through RIT has provided me the tools and understanding of the DMAIC process to not only develop the strategy, but has also given me the ability to lead project teams and work with other teams and team leaders to help them complete their projects.   This training has been invaluable to me as we navigate through the strategy.

David Bassett
Director-Corporate Operational Excellence
Hardinge Inc.

Ed Blazeck »
Tate Access Floors, Inc.

We initially engaged RIT’s Center for Quality & Applied Statistics (CQAS) to conduct Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training followed by Black Belt training . The RIT team was an excellent resource for us and the LSS tools we learned significantly enhanced and accelerated our continuous improvement capabilities, so much so that we brought CQAS back again or Yellow Belt training for new associates and advanced Black Belt training for our existing Black Belts. More recently – with new associates, new products and expansion into a new plant – we are relying upon RIT again to train a new cohort of Green Belt candidates followed by Black Belt training. The LSS tools taught by RIT have been integral to our continuous improvement process. Tate Access Floors has a reputation as a world class manufacturer, and RIT’s CQAS has been a big contributor to our ability to sustain cost reductions, continue to improve quality, and ensure that we remain a world-class US manufacturer.

Ed Blazeck
Director of Operations
Tate Access Floors, Inc.

Eric Kahl »
RIT Saunders School of Business Student

Lean Six Sigma has always been of interest of mine. I have had experience working for a lean manufacturing plant and wanted to continue my education in the subject to differentiate myself for future employment opportunities. The Lean Six Sigma training at RIT was an outstanding way for me to do just that. The instructors did an amazing job of getting students involved and creating activities to practice using Lean Six Sigma tools. The class not only introduced me to the Lean Six Sigma philosophy, but also reinforced the importance of what I already knew. It gave me the tools that I need to be a successful Lean Six Sigma practitioner. I can't wait to use my education to contribute to the effectivity and efficiency of an organization. I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to excel and become an innovator in their work.

Eric Kahle
RIT Saunders School of Business student

Kevin Hall »
RIT Alumnus

I chose to pursue a graduate Advanced Certificate from CQAS after more than 20 years (’87 – IPKT) when I suddenly discovered an interest in applied statistics triggered by an extensive work training program. It made me think in ways that I hadn’t thought before, and I wanted to learn more. The department chair met with me directly to determine my interests, and helped me set up a plan of study to fit them. The certificate program’s shorter nature was just the right level of challenge and commitment for me. Taking courses online was a very attractive feature that let me study when I could, which my family has appreciated greatly. I’ve been able to leverage what I’ve learned here quickly and directly into my work.

Kevin Hall
RIT Alumnus

Nick Korach »
RIT MS Applied Statistics Student

I am extremely grateful for having the opportunity to spend my graduate experience at the John D. Hromi Center for Quality and Applied Statistics.  This department consists of very knowledgeable professors who genuinely care for the success of their students.  The staff at CQAS ensures that students will be well prepared for the future by stressing a thorough understanding of the curriculum.  The MS Applied Statistics program has only broadened my interests, emphasizing the application of statistical methods to a variety of fields.  Upon completion of this degree, I am confident that I will have the knowledge and tools to begin a very successful career.

Nick Korach
RIT MS Applied Statistics Student

Philip Gelsomino II »
RIT Saunders School of Business, Visiting Lecturer

I took the course because I wanted to understand what Lean Six Sigma was all about.  I thought it only applied to manufacturing companies but heard someone say that they utilized it in a service organization and saved that company hundreds of thousands of dollars.  As a financial advisor to my clients I found that intriguing and wanted to learn more about how I might add value to my client’s businesses by applying the concepts of Lean Six Sigma.  I’ve already implemented some basic flow charts and even a fish-bone exercise in one of my service 

During the course I was amazed at how well structured the Lean Six Sigma process is, yet the various tools that are available to help you identify and dissect a process can be used either in whole or part to fit the particular process being evaluated.  By following this process it became quite evident what steps existed that didn’t add value to the customer. When I signed up for the course I had no idea what to expect.  I was nervous that having no experience in Lean Six Sigma terminology or application would put me at a disadvantage.  How wrong I was.  The course not only taught me the terminology and various tools that are available and utilized in the process, but allowed me to apply what I learned each day in evaluating an existing process in my organization. Taking the Yellow-Belt course in Lean Six Sigma was amazing.  Having no background whatsoever in Lean Six Sigma I learned very quickly that the concepts of Lean Six Sigma may be applied to any process in an organization, large or small; local or international.

Philip Gelsomino II
RIT Saunders School of Business
Visiting Lecturer

Sherry Barsamian »
Baldwin Richardson Foods

At Baldwin Richardson Foods, we began our LSS training with RIT and over the course of 18 months, approximately 5% of our employee population completed the program.  We are thrilled with the improvements we have been able to deliver throughout the organization and are committed to the continuation of the program.   This investment has been very beneficial in enabling our people with the necessary tools to find ways to deliver sustainable value through process and program improvements.

Sherry Barsamian
Senior Director of Operations
Baldwin Richardson Foods

Ye Wang »
RIT Human Resources Development Alumnus

I finished my bachelor degree in interior design in China and my first grad degree in Human Resources Development last year at RIT. With this background, applied statistics has been a challenge for me. However, I find new challenges motivating.  Reading about CQAS and talking with the professors and coordinator makes me feel that this program will definitely help me with my future career. I am also impressed with the CQAS lab which creates a positive study environment for all students all the time. With excellent faculty and support, I believe everyone would enjoy their time in this program while preparing for their future.

Ye Wang
RIT Human Resources Development Alumnus