Project Meteor


    Meteor is a university-based project, whose short-term goal is to launch and place small payloads in low earth orbit, and whose long-term goal is to place such payloads on near earth asteroids and lunar surfaces. Meteor is a hands-on, multi-phase, multi-disciplinary, teaching and research program for investigating and developing micro-systems engineering, science, and technologies for the exploration of outer space. This project will provide students and faculty at RIT, and the scientific community at large, the opportunity to obtain small payload volumes for conducting micro-systems and other scientific experiments in outer space. Meteor will accommodate and promote these multi-disciplinary collaborations. The project provides research opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students.

    The METEOR project is currently in its initial phase, which consists of designing a custom launch system for satellites smaller than 1 kg. Teams of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering senior students are working on the program through RIT's multi-disciplinary capstone design project.

Educational Goal: To provide practice oriented engineering graduates with hands-on             experience.

Technical Goal: Develop a custom launch vehicle for a satellite smaller than 1 kg – because each small sat deserves its own launch vehicle.