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Faculty are conducting basic and applied research in Energy, including pilot scale demonstrations in the six functional areas necessary for sustainable solutions to meet the nation's energy needs: energy collection, conversion, storage, distribution, control, and consumption. There can be little doubt of the importance of both fundamental and applied research in renewable energy systems. Research efforts range from the fundamental understanding of heat, mass, energy and momentum transport processes to pilot-scale testing and computer modeling of industrially- relevant sustainable energy systems.

Five objectives of the Energy focus area research group are to:

  1. Invent Novel Energy Storage Technologies
  2. Design New Energy Collection Technologies
  3. Advance Energy Conversion Technologies
  4. Improve Energy Management, Control & Security
  5. Develop Energy Distribution Technologies

Faculty active in the Energy research focus area include:

  • Brian Landi enhancing the performance of energy conversion, transmission, and storage devices through the use of nanomaterials
  • Dhireesha Kudithipudi ultra-low power circuits and architectures, thermal management in multi-core architectures and 3D-ICs
  • Patricia Taboada-Serrano  colloids and surface science, specifically within the challenges encountered in water resources management and conservation
  • Satish Kandlikar developing high-performance pool and flow boiling heat transfer surfaces, microchannels, single-phase liquid flow
  • Robert Stevens  measuring and modeling performance of thermoelectric modules and waste heat recovery systems for power generation applications
  • Denis Cormier  additive manufacturing and direct-write printing technologies for the synthesis of novel materials and geometric structures
  • Mario Gomes  dynamics and design of tethered airfoils (kites) for energy production, locomotion mechanics, energy storage systems
  • Edward Hensel  inverse heat transfer, remote sensing technologies, and algorithms for high temperature applications
  • Benjamin Varela solid mechanics, non-traditional materials, Geopolymer, manufacturing and remanufacturing
  • Ken Ruschak modeling of coating dies and processes, surfactants as coating aids, rheology of polymer solutions and colloidal dispersions
  • Steven Weinstein wave propagation in spatially developing flows with a focus on absolutely and convectively unstable waves subjected to continual forcing
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