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Cellular Experimentation and Microscopy Lab

Kathleen Lamkin-Kennard
Associate Professor

This is part of a shared facility (Drs. Day & Lamkin-Kennard) that includes a total of 1500 square feet subdivided into 4 laboratories, one student office space, one faculty office space, a shower, and two corridors. The Cellular Experimentation and Microscopy Laboratory is dedicated to cardiovascular and microcirculatory research as well as cellular experimentation and microscopy.  The lab has a BSL-2 rating to enable work with moderate potential biological hazards.

Major equipment:  An Olympus IX71 inverted microscope, programmable syringe pump, refrigerator, micropipettes, and other small equipment needed to perform cellular studies. The lab is also equipped with a Cooke Sensicam QE, StreamPix video streaming software, and multiple dual-core HP XW4400 Workstations for real-time image processing and offline analysis.

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