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Electrical Engineering Design Project Lab

George Slack

The Electrical Engineering Design Project Laboratory is dedicated to Senior Design EEEE-497 and EEEE-498.  Teams of students pool their knowledge and experience to solve a specific design problem.  The mission is to enhance engineering education through a capstone design experience that integrates engineering theory, principles and processes within a collaborative environment. Working in multidisciplinary teams and following an engineering design process, students assess customer needs and engineering specifications, evaluate concepts, resolve major technical hurdles, and employ rigorous engineering principles to design a prototype which is fully tested and documented. 

This laboratory consists of twenty-four identical workstations outfitted with most of the equipment required to perform project development for this course series.  Each station has a dedicated computer, oscilloscope, function generator, multiple power supplies, and digital multi-meter.   In some cases, specialized equipment such as spectrum analyzer, digital data analyzer or radio frequency analyzer will be made available based on student needs.  Lab computers start with a full array of electrical engineering applications.  More advanced or specific engineering applications can be installed by the assigned student team, as required.  This lab has a soldering station, basic electronic components, connectors and wiring.  Tools, specific components and test equipment are purchased by the team prior to their project build phase.


PC Workstation, Tek TDS2012 Scope, Agilent E3631A Power Supply. Agilent 33120 Function Generator, Agilent 34401A Multimeter

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