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Multi-Agent Biorobotics Lab (MABL)

Ferat Sahin

The Multi-agent Bio-Robotics Laboratory houses research in Multi-agent systems, biologically based algorithms, system of systems, swarm intelligence, micro robotics, modular robotics, distributed mobile sensors, decision support systems, robotic vision, embedded operating systems, and MEMS-based micro robots and actuators. Dr. Ferat Sahin is the Director for Multi Agent Biorobotics Laboratory since 2000.  On average two PhD students, one post-doctoral fellow and 8 Masters students work in MABL in various robotics, system of systems and artificial intelligence related sponsored research.

The research activities and projects are carried out by students from PhD level students to undergraduates. Sponsors of MABL varies from government agencies such as National Science Foundation to local and national industrial partners such as Getinge, MKS ENI Inc., and Honeywell.  The projects are often tied to Senior Design projects and co-op courses. Senior students are hired as co-ops or to fulfill their senior design course requirement with the projects under MABL. The laboratory is also tied to high-level undergraduate and graduate classes such as Principles of Robotics, Advance Robotics, Biorobotics/Cybernetics, and Artificial Intelligence Explorations.  MABL also has a K-12 outreach program called RoboCamp and RoboWeekend ( where middle and high school students come and attend robotics workshops and camps at RIT.


  • 4 Agilent 54622D oscilloscope ( 2 channel 100MHz )
  • 4 Instek GDS1152A oscilloscope ( 2 channel 150MHz )
  • 4 Agilent E3630 power supply (triple output, 6V/5A, +/- 25V/1A)
  • 4 Instek GPS 3303 power supply (triple output, 5V/3A, +/- 30V/3A)
  • 4 Agilent 34401A multimeter (6.5 digit digital)
  • 4 Instek GDM 8251A multimeter (6.5 digit digital)
  • 4 Agilent 33250A function generator (80MHz, 12 bit 200MS/s)
  • 4 Rigol DG1022A function generator (25MHz, 14 bit 100MS/s)
  • CleveLabs BioRadio 150 Course System
  • Quanser QET engineering trainer with Omni software bundle
  • 8  PC workstations
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