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Nanolithography Research Labs

Bruce Smith
Director, Professor

Activities within the laboratory are directed toward the study of the patterning and detection of nanoscale structures for application in fields of semiconductor integrated circuits, data storage, nanoelectromechnical systems, biomedical and biological systems, and the like.  Nanolithography studied by the group involves areas including deep UV optical approaches and extensions, polarization and fluid immersion, interferometric imaging, extreme UV (EUV) technology, pitch division, maskless lithography, plasmonic lithography, scanning evanescent imaging, self-assembly, and others.  The group works closely with outside organizations including SEMATECH, IMEC, DARPA, the Semiconductor Research Corporation, and academic and industrial partners.  The lab holds the world record in optical lithography resolution at the lateral dimension of 25nm, less than 1/20th the wavelength of visible light.

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