Team Layout

Chief Engineer

Oversees and aids in the design, manufacturing, testing and tuning of the car. They collaborate between all team members to ensure the best possible end product. Ultimately in charge of the interaction between all the subsystems on the car.

Project Manager

Responsible for coordinating funding, sponsorship, and interaction with resources both within RIT and industry. The project manager is also responsible for the timeline and scheduling to keep the team on track with their goals.

Lead Designers

We have seven lead design positions including: brakes, chassis, engine, drivetrain, aerodynamics, vehicle dynamics, suspension, and electronics. These designers are in charge of the complete subsystem and distribute workload throughout their team. They complete all full-system analysis and are the point contact for the chief engineer.

Associate Designers

Associate designers work inside lead design positions aiding in analysis and manufacturing. These positions are a chance for new engineers to get an introduction to the design process as well as gain valuable knowledge about a particular sub-system.

Manufacturing Group Leaders

CNC Group, Fabrication Group and Composites Group each have group leaders who organize and schedule manufacturing deadlines that we make in-house. These leaders teach new members the art of manufacturing and are the point contact for all designer during the manufacturing phase.

Marketing Group

This position includes design and distribution of all marketing and outreach. The group leader organizes all responsibilities and distributes them throughout the group. Responsibilities range from execution and organization of all media as well as social media distribution and team sports wear.