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We are very pleased to announce that EGILE has renewed their membership with the RIT's Gear Research Consortium for 2021/22. Thank you for your continued support during this difficult times. Your membership renewal will enable us to continue developing and delivering computational tools for advanced gear design to meet all your gear design and simulation needs.

EGILE is a company with more than 30 years of history, committed to creating impact through products and solutions of high value in sectors where extreme precision is a fundamental requirement. The High Precision Mechanics Division of EGILE covers the complete cycle of high precision machining, from engineering and design, to manufacturing. They design, develop, and manufacture components for the aeronautic and security sector such us engines, aircraft transmission systems, landing gear components, and actuation systems for leading aeronautical companies, through three specialized business units: AEROTRANSMISSION, AEROENGINES, and AEROSYSTEMS. They also develop high-precision mechanical solutions for the scientific and aerospace sectors, through the EXTREME PRECISION unit, as well as complete, easy open-end conversion systems for the food metal container section (CAN TOOLING unit).