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Occupational Ergonomics and Biomechanics Lab

Ehsan Rashedi
Assistant Professor

Research in Occupational Ergonomics and Biomechanics Lab (OEBL) utilizes methods, and theories from ergonomics, biomechanics, safety, physiology, and sport science to better understand and quantify human capabilities, performance, and injury mechanisms.  The main goal is to develop proper interventions and controls to improve performance and reduce the injury risk.  
Courses that take advantage of OEBL include: ISEE 330 Ergonomics and Human Factors, as well as professional electives – ISEE 730 Biomechanics, ISEE 731 Advanced Human Factors and ISEE 732 Systems Safety.  The OEBL also supports relevant senior design projects that needs simulation of human body and/or experimental data to develop and/or examine their designs.  Undergraduate students can also be part of research projects by assisting with data collections, which help them to get a better preparation for their graduate studies in the fields of human factors/ergonomics, and biomechanics.

The Lab has the following equipment to support related courses:

  • BTE Work Simulator for measuring strength
  • Transducer (ATI Nano25-E) specifically for finger-force research
  • Electromyography System (electrodes, preamplifiers, amplifiers, and accessories)
  • Grass Electrical Stimulator (S88) with Stimulus Isolation Unit (SIU5) and Constant Current Unit (CCU1)
  • Strain Gage Dynamometer and Amplifier Tektronix Oscilloscope
  • Pro-Form Treadmill
  • Chatillon Push/Pull Dynamometer, Grip Strength Dynamometer
  • Reuter-Stokes Heat Stress Monitor, Reuter-Stokes Micro-Psychrometer (RSS-230)
  • Sekonic Light Meter, Quantum Instruments Photo-Meter 1 Light Meter
  • Polar Vantage XL Heart Rate Monitor and Data Logger
  • Sound Level Meter CEL 254
  • 10- Biometrics Electrogoniometers
  • PCs with Data Acquisition Card
  • Mark-10 Cap Torque Tester
  • Chatillon MSC Digital Force Gauge
  • Course-specific software for Ergonomic/Human Factors/Work Measurement for analysis (e.g., NIOSH Lifting Guidelines, MOST predetermined time system, 3DSSPP Biomechanical Software), and demonstration of various principles (Hick’s law, Fitt’s Law, etc.)​
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