Rame-Hart 250 Goniometer/Tensiometer

The Rame-Hart system is a critical tool in the laboratory for all of our research involving droplets. It consists primarily of a 5-axis stage (x-y-z-pitch-roll), fiber optic illuminator backlight, and a CCD camera. Along with the Rame-Hart DROPimage Advanced software, the system is capable of measuring contact angles, surface energies, surface tensions, and interfacial tensions.

  • Model 250
  • DROPimage Advanced software
  • QIClick CCD Camera (1.4 MP, 110 fps)
  • Attachments: microsyringe fixture, environmental chamber
  • Rame-Hart product page

AmScope SM-4TZ-144 Stereo Microscope

The AmScope SM-4TZ is a trinocular microscope, allowing for both eyepiece viewing by the user as well as imaging with a mounted camera. Using this feature, we can utilize this microscope to capture overhead images and videos of our experiments while magnifying them for ease of viewing.

  • 3.5x-90x zoom
  • 144-bulb controllable LED ring
  • 0.5x and 2.0x Barlow lenses
  • Point Grey Flea3 Monochrome USB 3.0 Camera (1.4 MP, 120 fps)
  • AmScope product page

NE-1000 and NE-4000 Syringe Pumps

The NE-1000 and NE-4000 (pictured) are single and double, respectively, syringe pumping systems. They are capable of continuous, programmable dispensing of fluid. We utilize the two pumps simultaneously in a microreactor assembly to produce our polymer gel beads.

National Instruments PXI-1033 Chassis

The PXI-1033 chassis is used for high performance data acquisition and device manipulation. This gives us a central device to control the majority of our elecitrcally actuated experimental testing. The chassis is equipped with the following expansion cards:

  • PXI-2529 128-Crosspoint Matrix Switch with a TB-2636 4x32 Matrix Terminal Block
  • PXI-4072 FlexDMM and LCR Meter
  • PXI-5402 Arbitrary Function Generator

Trek PZD700A High Voltage Amplifier

The PZD700A is a high-voltage DC-stable piezo driver/amplifier. The signals generated by the PXI-5402 Function Generator are amplified by this system for our high-voltage actuated experiments.

  • Output Voltage: 0 to +/-700 V DC or peak AC
  • Output Current: 0 to +/-100 mA
  • Gain: 0 to 300 V/V
  • Trek product page

DropBot Open-Source Digital Microfluidic System

Originally developed in the Wheeler lab, the DropBot system is an open-source project that works towards making digital microfluidic devices more accessible. We first visited the Wheeler lab at the University of Toronto to learn about the project, and are now pursuing building, testing, and improving the system.

Scilogex D1008 Centrifuge

The D1008 is a single speed centrifuge used for quick spin downs and particle dilution work.

  • Max. Speed/RCFxg : 7000 rpm/2680 xg
  • Capacity : 8 x 1.5/2.0ml microtubes. (8 x 0.5/8 x 0.2ml tubes using adapters)
  • Run Time : 30 secs to 99 mins Timer or Continuous Operation
  • Scilogex product page

Branson 1800 Sonicator

The Branson 1800 is an ultrasonic bath that can be used for cell separation, sample preparation and degassing of liquids. It is commonly used in our lab to ensure any colloidal suspensions are as homogeneous as possible prior to further dilution or experimentation.


The DMFL lab also has the following assorted equipment.

  • 6 PC workstations with access to MATLAB and other software
  • Eppendorf micropipettes (0.5-1000 microliters), tips, and tubes
  • Inkbird THC-4 data logger
  • Corning glass slides and slide boxes
  • 1.8 cubic feet of cold storage
  • Sink with eye wash station
  • Sharp XG-P10XU projector
  • UV lamp
  • Conference table
  • White board
  • Other containers and hand tools