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Accelerated Dual Degree Options

Three accelerated dual degree options offer outstanding mechanical engineering students an opportunity to earn bachelor of science and master of science degrees within approximately five years. Two dual degree options are available—a bachelor of science/master of engineering degree (BS/ME), which has a strong career focus for students who plan to seek employment immediately after graduation; and a bachelor of science/master of science degree (BS/MS), which has a strong research focus and is primarily directed toward students who plan to continue their education in the pursuit of a doctoral degree. All students enrolled in the BS/MS options are required to complete a graduate thesis and conduct scholarly research.

The ME department also offers a dual degree option enabling students to earn a BS in mechanical engineering and an MS in science, technology, and public policy. This dual degree option has a public policy research focus and is designed for students interested in using their technical preparation as an engineer to help shape future policy decisions. It is a cliche that technology has become a major driver, perhaps the most important driver, of social, political, and economic change. It follows then that engineers will increasingly shape the direction of those changes, and it is important that engineers understand how their future actions directly and indirectly affect all of our lives.

The BS and MS or ME degrees are awarded simultaneously. A student may apply for admission to this program in February of the second year. A transfer student may apply after completing one quarter of study at RIT. Admission is based on a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.4, letters of recommendation from the faculty, and a letter of application from the student. Students are admitted first to the BS/ME option but may change to the BS/MS option upon approval of a thesis proposal. While in the program, students are required to maintain a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.2.

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