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Minor in Microelectronic Engineering

Michael Jackson, Minor Adviser
(585) 475-2828

The minor in microelectronic engineering provides basic integrated circuit fabrication skills to students from science and other engineering disciplines whose career path may involve the semiconductor industry. With one of the finest clean rooms in the world specializing in undergraduate microelectronic education, this minor provides students with a unique opportunity to experience a highly specialized and dynamic industry. The minor is closed to students majoring in microelectronic engineering.


MATH-182 Project-based Calculus II
PHYS-212 University Physics II
CHMG-131 General Chemistry for Engineers (or equivalent)
Required Courses
MCEE-201 IC Technology
MCEE-503 Thin Films
Electives Choose three of the following:
EEEE-260 Semiconductor Devices
MCEE-360 Semiconductor Devices-MicroE
MCEE-502 VLSI Process Modeling
MCEE-505 Lithography Materials and Processing
MCEE-515 Nanolithography Systems
MCEE-550 CMOS Processing
MCEE-720 Photovoltaics
MCEE-730 Metrology for Failure Analysis and Yield of ICs
MCEE-732 Evaluation of Microelectronic Manufacturing
MCEE-770 Microelectromechanical Systems

* Additional prerequisites may be required based on the choice of microelectronic engineering electives.