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Resources for Education

The complete SMFL Tool Set allows for processing of 100 and 150 millimeter wafers for both research and education.

Most of the semiconductor manufacturing processes in the laboratory were and continue to be developed by the Microelectronic Engineering faculty and students. Many of these used for education can be reviewed on the faculty web pages such as: Dr. Lynn Fuller,  Dr. Ivan Puchades, or Dr. Dale Ewbank.

Courses using this lab include:

Fall Semester

  • MCEE(101)-Intro. to Nanoelectronics
  • MCEE(201)-IC Technology
  • MCEE(205)-Statistics and DOE
  • MCEE(495)-Senior Design I
  • MCEE(503)-Thin Films
  • MCEE(505)-Lithography Materials & Proc
  • MCEE(601)-Microelectronic Fabrication
  • MCEE(603)-Thin Films
  • MCEE(605)-Lithography Materials & Proc
  • MCEE(770)-Microelectromechanical Systems

Spring semester

  • MCEE(201)-IC Technology
  • MCEE(360)-Semiconductor Dev-MicroE
  • MCEE(496)-Senior Design II
  • MCEE(515)-Nanolithography Systems
  • MCEE(601)-Microelectronic Fabrication
  • MCEE(615)-Nanolithography Systems