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Courses using Etch include:

Fall Semester

  • MCEE(101)-Intro. to Nanoelectronics
  • MCEE(201)-IC Technology
  • MCEE(205)-Statistics and DOE
  • MCEE(495)-Senior Design I
  • MCEE(503)-Thin Films
  • MCEE(505)-Lithography Materials & Proc
  • MCEE(601)-Microelectronic Fabrication
  • MCEE(603)-Thin Films
  • MCEE(605)-Lithography Materials & Proc
  • MCEE(770)-Microelectromechanical Systems

Spring semester

  • MCEE(201)-IC Technology
  • MCEE(360)-Semiconductor Dev-MicroE
  • MCEE(496)-Senior Design II
  • MCEE(515)-Nanolithography Systems
  • MCEE(601)-Microelectronic Fabrication
  • MCEE(615)-Nanolithography Systems

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