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Biomedical Signal and Image Analysis

Dr. Ghoraani is the director of the Biomedical Signal and Image Analysis (BSIA) Laboratory at Rochester Institute of Technology. Her research is focused on understanding human physiology from an engineering perspective and developing intelligent technologies that can benefit global health care and improve quality of life. Research centers on developing advanced techniques in the fundamental area of time-varying signal processing and its applications in biomedicine. Areas of focus include sparse signal analysis, adaptive signal decompositions, pattern classification, and their applications in ECG, EEG, Speech and Gait Rhythm. Dr. Ghoraani’s current projects at BSIA Lab are focused on collaborative research with clinicians to investigate a wide variety of pressing technological problems and limitations to enable solutions for successful diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of both chronic and acute disease states that include atrial fibrillation, sudden cardiac death, Parkinson’s disease and infantile spasms.

Behnaz Ghoraani
Assistant Professor

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