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NanoBio Devices

The research and fabrication of nanomaterials promises to revolutionize a number of industries and scientific fields, particularly biomedical devices and stem cell engineering. A major barrier to significant adoption and incorporation of novel nanomaterials is the need to produce these materials in high volume and at low-cost. We research the fabrication of ultrathin nanomembranes and the methods to produce these materials more simply, while retaining their unique properties. Additionally, we use these nanomembranes to create tightly controlled cellular microenvironments for adult stem cells. These microenvironments are used to help study and induce the differentiation of stem cells for potential uses in tissue engineering. Specifically, we are investigating the differentiation of adult adipose-derived stem cells into cells that can create and support the development of vascular networks. Scale-up of these methodologies for future use in tissue engineering will require high volume production of nanomaterials as the differentiation substrate.

Nanomanufacturing, Nanomembranes and Cellular Microenvironments
NanoBio Device Lab

Professor Thomas Gaborski

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