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BS in Chemical Engineering and MS in Science, Technology & Public Policy

Jennifer Kamish
Academic Advisor

A five-year accelerated, cross-disciplinary degree is available for motivated, qualified chemical engineering students who are interested in earning a BS in chemical engineering and an MS in science, technology, and public policy (offered by the College of Liberal Arts). The science, technology and public policy program emphasizes the creation and understanding of engineering, science, and technology policy. It enables students to interact with faculty members and researchers who are working on scientific developments and technological innovations that drive new public policy considerations.

Chemical engineers are ideal candidates to augment their education with in-depth knowledge of public policy. The breadth and depth of chemical engineering, as evidenced by the large range of application domains in which they play a role, provides an opportunity for chemical engineers to influence public policy over a broad range of issues of relevance to society. Additionally, as chemical engineers are often called on to mitigate problems of societal importance such as environmental remediation, an in-depth knowledge of government regulations and their origin is often essential for engineering practice.

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