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GIS's Ph.D. in Sustainability degree was established in September 2008. This broadly defined multidisciplinary program is designed for students who are driven to become sustainability change agents within organizations world wide, including industry (executive management, product development, manufacturing & remanufacturing, supply chain management, and service), executive and legislative branches of government, nongovernmental agencies, academic institutions, professional associations, financial and investment communities, the indemnification industry, and legal profession.

Graduates will have skills in such diverse areas as development of sustainable product and manufacturing systems, industrial ecology, economics of sustainability, risk analysis of sustainable systems, and multicritera decision making. They will study methodologies such as life cycle assessment, environmental risk and impact assessment, design for the environment, pollution prevention, closed loop supply chain management, and product life assessment, and apply these in their research. The development of the Ph.D. program was funded in part by a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation.

Contact: Dr. Nabil Nasr, Associate Provost and Director, Golisano Institute of Sustainability

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