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MSD Team Makes Lowcost Sanitation for Haiti

Tue, 09/26/2017

The Belasenp arborloo designed by MSD team 15416 is a portable, low cost (<$8) latrine base designed for rural Haitians who have little access to affordable sanitation technologies. The design integrates a novel light weight concrete formula that can be made locally in Haiti and a dome shape that maximizes strength per material used to make it. Current latrine models in the area cost $250 which keep most rural Haitians from obtaining one and a majority of the population resorts to open defecation. Alumni Samantha Huselstein spent the summer in Borgne, Haiti working with local technicians to build and test a prototype. A new combined engineering and industrial design team (P18416) is tasked with developing a manufacturing plan and additional accessories for the base like the shelter, seat, and paper holder.