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Micropen Workstation Design

Project Description: 

The objective of this project is to design and develop an improved workstation that eliminates or at least reduces the ergonomic risk factors for the operator, while meeting all the visualization and mechanical motion demands of the manufacturing process. The expected end result will include all design documents for the new design, a working prototype, a time study of the current and new process, as well as a technical paper and poster presented at Imagine RIT. The new system design will pose no significant changes to the current printing instrument, critical dimensions, or features on the system components. The intent of the system design is for the solution to remain within Micropen and only shared at their discretion.

Team Members: 

Rachele Floeser (ISE), Alexander Langkamp (ISE), Sabrina Caliri (ISE), Nicholas Accuosti (ISE), Matt DePalo (ISE), Michael Everett (ISE)