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Tigerbot VI

Project Description: 

Tigerbot will be a fully autonomous, untethered, humanoid robotic tour guide designed specifically for the RIT campus. As of 2015, there have been 5 iterations of Tigerbot with varying degrees of success. Tigerbot four is capable of walking, standing, and is moderately responsive to voice commands. Tigerbot five is a full design of a 22 degree of freedom full-scale humanoid with one partially constructed leg.

The goal of this iteration of Tigerbot is to construct a fully operational prototype of the lower body based on previous designs or new designs. The prototype will be capable of standing, walking, and balancing while being untethered and autonomous. The team will also create updated designs for Tigerbot and prepare documentation to assist future project iterations

Team Members: 

Leslie Bowen (EE), Rinchen Dorjee (EE), Kate Schuttenberg (EE), Andrew (AJ) Szklany – ME, Nick Shafarzek (ME)