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Propose a Project

Proposing a Project

Potential projects may be proposed by industry sponsors, community agencies, faculty, students, or individuals outside RIT.  Corporate sponsors are particularly sought to work collaboratively with faculty to define “families” of closely related projects of interest to the sponsor and to RIT faculty.

Download the Project Proposal Form

Benefits to Sponsor
  1. Interact with senior engineering students.
  2. Allow a co-op student to continue their interaction with your company after they return to campus for coursework.
  3. Network with RIT faculty in your technical field.
  4. Pursue a non-critical project that would otherwise not be completed.
Project Guidelines
  1. Fully funded (including, but not limited to, project-related parts, raw materials, fabrication-related costs, administrative fee, and travel)
  2. Committed sponsor.  Project sponsor or representative must be identified and available regularly during the two-semester course to answer questions and to participate in reviews.
  3. Must not prohibit students from meeting academic requirements.  Students should be allowed to discuss their projects openly in order to participate in class activities.
  4. Project is not on the “critical path.”  The highest priority for MSD is student learning, which implies that timeliness and overall project success are not guaranteed.
  5. Projects should provide enough technically interesting work for a team of 4-6 senior engineering students for two semesters, including both design and build/implementation.
Intellectual Property

The MSD project is a significant part of our students’ professional portfolios, so we expect that they will be able to discuss their projects openly.  We recognize that companies may have some information that they wish to keep confidential; as a guideline, confidential material should constitute no more than 20% of the project content. While RIT Policy states that students have the right to own any IP generated as part of their coursework, some students may choose to assign their IP to the project sponsor. IP concerns should be identified early in the proposal process so students are aware of those constraints when requesting project assignments.

Submission Deadlines

Fall start – submit projects by June 15

Spring start – submit projects by November 15

Because of dependencies on student enrollment, project scheduling cannot be guaranteed.