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Eli Saber

Eli Saber

Phone: 585-475-6927
Office: GLE/3183

Dr. Eli Saber is a Professor in the Electrical and Microelectronic Engineering Department at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Prior to that, he worked for Xerox Corporation from 1988 until 2004 in a variety of positions ending as Product Development Scientist and Manager at the Business Group Operations Unit. He received the BS degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Buffalo in 1988, and the MS and PhD degrees in the same discipline from the University of Rochester in 1992 and 1996 respectively. From 1997 until 2004, he was an adjunct faculty member at the Electrical Engineering Department of the Rochester Institute of Technology and at the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department of the University of Rochester.

Dr. Saber’s research interests are in the areas of digital image and video processing including: Image/video segmentation, object tracking, content-based Image/video analysis and summarization, multi-camera surveillance processing, three dimensional scene reconstruction and image/video understanding. He is a senior member of the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and the Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T) society, a former member of Image and Multi-dimensional Digital Signal Processing (IMDSP) Technical Committee and member and former chair of IEEE Industry Technology Committee (ITT). He served as an Associate Editor for the IEEE Transaction on Image Processing and is currently serving as an Area Editor for the Journal of Electronic Imaging. He has served on several conference committees including Finance chair for ICIP 2002 and ESPA 2012, Tutorial Chair for ICIP 2007 and ICIP 2009, General Chair for ICIP 2012, international Liaison for ICIP 2013 and Technical Program Chair for ICASSP 2017. He has received the Trustees Scholarship and the PI Millionaire awards from the Rochester Institute of Technology and has been elected as the Gleason Professor by the Electrical and Microelectronic Engineering Department. Dr Saber has co-authored a book on “Advanced Linear Algebra for Engineers with MATLAB” and holds many conference and journal publications. For more about Dr. Saber, see his website.

Recent Publications:

  1. S. R. Vantaram  and E. Saber, “A Survey of Contemporary Trends in Color Image Segmentation”, Journal of Electronic Imaging, 21(4), 040901, Oct-Dec 2012.
  2. M. S. Erkilinc, M. Jaber, E. Saber, “Text, Photo and Line Extraction in Scanned Documents”, Journal of Electronic Imaging, Vol. 21, 033006, July 2012.
  3. T. Keane, E. Saber, H. Rhody, A. Savakis and J. Raj, “Practical Image Registration Concerns Overcome by the Weighted and Filtered Mutual Information Metric”, Journal of Electronic Imaging, Vol. 21(2), 023029, June 2012.
  4. P. Gurram, E. Saber and H. Rhody, “Semi-automated System for three-dimensional Modeling of Buildings from Aerial Video”, Journal of Electronic Imaging, Vol. 21(1), 013007, Jan-Mar 2012.



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