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Marcin Lukowiak

Marcin Lukowiak
Associate Professor

Phone: 585-475-2808
Office: GLE/3439

Dr. Lukowiak earned his dual B.S. and M.S. degrees in Control and Systems Engineering, and his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Poznan University of Technology.  His current research interests are concentrated in the applied cross-disciplinary area related to reconfigurable computing, hardware and hardware-software systems, cryptographic engineering, and high performance computing. As a graduate student Dr. Lukowiak worked on applications of switched-current (SI) technique in low power, high-speed circuits for filtering and video processing and development of new methods and tools for automated synthesis of low sensitive SI circuits. For more about Dr. Lukowiak, see his personal website.

Select Publications:

·       M. Lukowiak, A. Meneely, S. Radziszowski, J. Vallino, and C. Wood, “Developing an Applied,

o   Security-Oriented Computing Curriculum,” Proceedings of the ASEE 2012, San Antonio, Texas, June 2012.

·       D. Webster and Marcin Lukowiak. “Versatile FPGA Architecture for Skein Hashing Algorithm,” Proceedings of ReConFig'2011, Cancun, Mexico, November 2011, pp. 268-273.

·       F. Hu, Q. Hao, M. Lukowiak, Q. Sun, K. Wilhelm, S. Radziszowski, and Y. Wu, “Trustworthy Data Collection from Implantable Medical Devices via High-Speed Security Implementation Based on IEEE 1363,” IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine, 14(6), 2010, pp. 1397-1404.

·       A. Fitzgerald, M. Lukowiak, M. Kurdziel, C. Mackey, K. Smith Jr, B. Boorman, D. Harris, and W. Skiba, “FPGA-Based, Multi-Processor HW-SW System for Single-Chip Crypto Applications,” Proceedings of MILCOM'2010, San Jose, CA, USA, November 2010, pp. 1317-1322.

·       J. Espenshade, M. Lukowiak, M. Shaaban, and G. von Laszewski, “Flexible Framework for Commodity FPGA Cluster Computing,” Proceedings of FPT’2009, December 2009, Sydney, Australia, pp. 465-471.

·       X. Tran, M. Lukowiak, and S. Radziszowski, Effectiveness of Variable Bit-Length Power Analysis Attacks on SHA-3 Based MAC, in Proceedings of MILCOM'2016, Baltimore, MD, November 2016.

·       J. Lowden, M. Lukowiak, S. Lopez-Alarcon, Design and performance analysis of efficient Keccak tree hashing on GPU architectures, Journal of Computer Security 23(5): 541-562, 2015.

·       M. Lukowiak, S. Radziszowski, J. Vallino, and C. Wood, Cybersecurity Education: Bridging the Gap between Hardware and Software Domains, ACM Transactions on Computing Education, 14(1), 2014.

·       S. Skalicky, S. Lopez, and M. Lukowiak, Performance Modeling of Pipelined Linear Algebra Architectures on FPGAs, Computers and Electrical Engineering, 40(4), 2014.

·       M. Kurdziel, M. Lukowiak, and M. Sanfilippo, Minimizing Performance Overhead in Memory Encryption, Journal of Cryptographic Engineering, Volume 3, Issue 2, Springer 2013.

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