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Mario Gomes

Mario Gomes
Senior Lecturer

Phone: 585-475-2148
Office: GLE/2189

Dr. Mario W. Gomes completed a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering at Cornell University and a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. After working for a few years as a mechanical engineer, he returned to Cornell University and completed his Ph.D. in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. Dr. Gomes previously worked in industry as a Project Engineer and served as a Lecturer at Arizona State University.

Dr. Gomes’ research focuses on the application of rigid-body dynamics to energy systems with the goal of developing new renewable energy sources and exploiting natural dynamic behavior to conserve energy in existing systems. Dr. Gomes has studied Passive Dynamic Walking systems as an undergraduate by creating and using simulations of a 2D-knee-jointed walker. Passive Dynamic walkers are an uncontrolled assembly of sticks and hinges which, when designed correctly, and given the appropriate initial conditions can fall in to a stable human-like walking cycle down a ramp. His master's work was in the field of Passive Haptic displays, where he developed control approaches for force-feedback systems which were only able to dissipate the user's energy. These systems are inherently safe for the user since the power flow is only in one direction, from the user into the system, and not vice-versa. His PhD work examined the limits of performance for locomoting apes and robots, specifically brachiation (ape-swinging) robots, and passive dynamic walking robots. By creating physics based computer models, he showed that it was possible for very simple models to walk across level ground (or brachiate under flat ceilings) with zero energy required to sustain the motion.

Dr. Gomes' current research interests are in fields of

  • dynamics and design of tethered airfoils (kites) for energy production
  • locomotion mechanics
  • mechanical energy storage systems
  • engineering education (project-based learning)

For more about Dr. Gomes see his website.

Select Publications

·       M. Gomes and A. Ruina, A walking model with no energy cost", Physical Review E, vol 83, Issue 3, 8 March 2011, pp. 6-9

·       L. Smoger, M. Gomes, and E. DeBartolo, Minimum Constraint Design Analysis and Modification

·       of a Biaxial Tensile Test Fixture for Hyperelastic Materials", 2011 ASME International Mechanical

·       Engineering Congress and Exposition, Denver, CO, November 2011

·       M. Gomes and A. Ruina, A five-link 2D brachiating ape model with life-like zero-energy-cost motions", Journal of Theoretical Biology, vol 237, Issue 3, 7 Dec 2005, pp.265-278

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