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P.R. Mukund

P.R. Mukund

Phone: 585-475-2174
Office: GLE/3181


Dr. P.R. Mukund received an A.E. in Electronics Technology from Nashville State Technical Institute, a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D.  in Electrical Engineering from University of Tennessee. He then joined the Rochester Institute of Technology. He held the Gleason Professorship for a three year period. Dr. Mukund was active in shared governance and represented KGCOE in the Academic Senate for five years, as a treasurer for one year and vice-chair for one year.

Dr. Mukund initiated research in analog and RF integrated circuit design at RIT, and has served as the Director of the RF/Analog/ Mixed-signal LAB (RAMLAB) at RIT since 2000. He has been the PI on grants totaling over $2 million, including awards from the National Science Foundation, Semiconductor Corporation, Kawasaki Microelectronics, LSI Corporation, Eastman Kodak Company, Harris Corporation, among others. Dr. Mukund has supervised the graduate work of 62 M.S. and Ph.D. students. He has served on the IEEE TC on Analog Signal Processing for well over a decade, and was selected as an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer for a two year term. Additionally, he has chaired several international conferences, given keynote speeches at IEEE conferences in many countries, and currently serves on the steering committee of IEEE SOCC.

About five years ago Dr. Mukund started a high technology company in the RIT incubator, NanoArk Corporation. Dr. Mukund secured angel investment within the first year, successfully survived the economic downturn in the US economy, graduated from the incubator within three years, created 14 co-op positions for RIT students, hired five RIT graduates, and awarded over $200K to RIT’s Semiconductor Manufacturing & Fabrication Lab, as a commercial customer.


Selected Publications:


·       The DecaTrait Approach to Success, SHVG Enterprises, Fairport, NY, July 2011.

Journal Papers:

·       Bohannon, E.; Washburn, C.; Mukund, P. R., "Analog IC Design in Ultra-Thin Oxide CMOS Technologies With Significant Direct Tunneling-Induced Gate Current," IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular, vol. 58-1, pp. 645-653, 2011.

·       C. Urban, J.E. Moon and P.R. Mukund, “Scaling the Bulk-Driven MOSFET into Deca-Nanometer Bulk CMOS Processes,” Elsevier Microelectronics Reliability, vol. 51, pp.727-732, 2011.

·       E. Bohannon, C. Urban, M. Pude, Y. Nishi, A. Gopalan, P.R. Mukund, “Passive and Active Reduction Techniques for On-Chip High-Frequency Digital Power Supply Noise,” IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, pp. 157-161, Vol. 18, No. 1, 2010.

·       C. Urban, J.E. Moon and P.R. Mukund, “Designing Bulk-Driven MOSFETs for Ultra-Low-Voltage Analogue Applications,” IOP Semiconductor Science and Technology, vol. 25, no. 11, pp. 1–8, Nov. 2010.

·       T.Das, A. Gopalan, C. Washburn and P.R. Mukund, “Towards Fault-tolerant RF front-ends”, Journal of Electronic Testing, Vol. 22, No. 4-6, December, 2006, pp. 371-386.

·       T.Das, A. Gopalan, C. Washburn and P.R. Mukund, “Self-Calibration of Input-Match in R.F. Front-end Circuitry”, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, Vol.52, No. 12, pp. 821 – 825, Dec. 2005

·       Sri Priya R Bandi, Clyde Washburn, P.R.Mukund, Jan Kolnik, Ken Paradis, Steve Howard, and Jeff Burleson, “Universal MOSFET Gate Impedance Model For 200M-20GHz Frequency Range”, Journal of Solid State Electronics, Vol. 50, No. 7-8, July-August 2006, pp. 1450-1460.

·       Sri Priya R Bandi, Clyde Washburn, P.R.Mukund, Jan Kolnik, Ken Paradis, Steve Howard and Jeff Burleson, “Effect of Gate Poly-Silicon Depletion on MOSFET Input Impedance”, IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters, Vol.16, issue 5, May 2006, pp. 290-292.

·       Anand Gopalan, M. Margala, P.R. Mukund, “A Current Based Self-Test Methodology for RF Front-end Circuits”, Microelectronics Journal, Vol. 36, No. 12, December 2005, pp. 1091-1102.

·       R. Narasimha, S.P. Bandi, R.M. Rao, P.R. Mukund, “1/f noise synthesis model in discrete-time for circuit simulation,” IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, December 2005, Vol. 52, No. 12, pp. 821-825.

·       Jay Fukumoto, Tejasvi Das, Ken Paradis, Jeff Burleson, J.E Moon and P.R. Mukund, “Impact of Asymmetric Metal Coverage on High Performance MOSFET Mismatch”, Journal of Solid-State Electronics, Oct-Nov 2004, vol.48, pp 1667-1670

·       R.Narasimha, S.Bandi, R.M. Rao and P. R. Mukund, “Discrete-Time Simulation Model for 1/f Noise”, IEEE Transaction on Electron Devices, August 2004, vol. 51, no.8, pp 1340-1343



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