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Thomas Gaborski

Thomas Gaborski
Associate Professor

Phone: 585-475-4117
Office: INS/3109

Dr. Thomas Gaborski completed a B.S. in Biological and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University, his M.S. in Biomedical Engineering and his Ph.D. in Biomedical and Environmental Engineering from the University of Rochester. Professor Gaborski’s research focuses on the interface of nanomaterials, biology and imaging with the goal of developing novel nanomaterials that lead to improved biological research as well as the treatment of human disease. Understanding fundamental yet complex biological processes requires an ever more sophisticated set of tools. His work in ultrathin nanomembranes creates solutions to the challenges of understanding how cells and biomolecules interact in both healthy and disease states.

As a graduate student, Dr. Gaborski was a university presidential fellowship winner and a National Institutes of Health Predoctoral Fellow. His graduate work initially focused on neutrophil recruitment and the biophysics of adhesion molecule interactions. It was during this work that he became involved with the life science applications of a novel class of ultrathin membranes leading to the co-founding of SiMPore in 2007.  Dr. Gaborski initially served as head of life science application development at SiMPore and then as President from 2009-2012 during which time he helped lead the production, product development and membrane characterization teams. While working at SiMPore, he was the principle investigator on several NIH innovative research grants, where research concepts have been successfully commercialized into multiple biomedical and materials science products available through leading global distributors. Dr. Gabroski’s research activities have resulted in three issued and several pending patents in bionanotechnology.

For more about Dr. Gaborski see his website.

Select Publications

  • Mazzocchi AR, Man AJ, DesOrmeaux JS and Gaborski TR. Porous membranes Promote Endothelial Differentiation of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells and Perivascular Interactions. Journal of Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering. 2014. 7(3):369-378.
  • Nehilla BJ, Nataraj N, Gaborski TR and McGrath JL. Endothelial Vacuolization Induced By Highly-permeable Silicon Membranes. Acta Biomateriala. 2014. 10 (11), 4670-4677.
  • DesOrmeaux JS, Winans JD, Wayson SE, Gaborski TR, Khire TS, Striemer CC and McGrath JL. Nanoporous Silicon Nitride Membranes Fabricated from Porous Nanocrystalline Silicon Templates. Nanoscale. 2014. 6 (18), 10798-10805.
  • Qi C, Striemer CC, Gaborski TR, McGrath JL and Fauchet PM. Highly Porous Silicon Membranes Fabricated from Silicon Nitride/Silicon Stacks. Small. 2014. 10(14): 2946–2953.
  • Gaborski TR, Sealander MN, Waugh RE and McGrath JL. Dynamics of adhesion molecule domains on neutrophil membranes: Surfing the dynamic cell topography.  European Biophysics Journal. 2013. 42(11-12):851-855.
  • Gaborski TR, Snyder JL, Striemer CC, Fang DZ, Hoffman M, Fauchet PM, McGrath JL. High Performance Separation of Nanoparticles with Ultrathin Porous Nanocrystalline Silicon (pnc-Si) membranes. ACS Nano. 2010. 23; 4(11):6973-81. 
  • Striemer CC, Gaborski TR, McGrath JL, Fauchet PM. Charge- and size-based separation of macromolecules using ultrathin silicon membranes. Nature. 2007. 445(7129):749-53.

Issued and Pending Patents

  • J Snyder, JL McGrath, PM Fauchet, TR Gaborski and CC Striemer, “High-Performance, Low-Voltage Electroosmotic Pumps with Molecularly Thin Nanomembranes,” US Patent Application 14/524,024, Filed October 27, 2014.
  • TR Gaborski, JL McGrath, RD Richmond and CC Striemer, “Methods for Facilitating Fluid Flow Through Nanomembranes,” US Patent Application US 13/496,012, Filed October 1, 2010.
  • CC Striemer, PM Fauchet, TR Gaborski, and JL McGrath, “Ultrathin Porous Nanoscale Membranes, Methods of Making, and Uses Thereof,” US Patent No. 8,518,276, Issued May 27, 2013.
  • CC Striemer, PM Fauchet, TR Gaborski, and JL McGrath, “Ultrathin Porous Nanoscale Membranes, Methods of Making, and Uses Thereof,” US Patent No. 8,182,590, Issued May 22, 2012.
  • JL McGrath, TR Gaborski, JL Snyder, CC Striemer, PM Fauchet, and M. Springer, “Cell Culture Devices Having Ultrathin Porous Membrane and Uses Thereof,” US Patent No. 8,119,394, Issued February 21, 2012.
  • JL McGrath, IM Schwartz, M Bindschalder, M Ehrenberg, and TR Gaborski. “Nanofabrication using actin filaments.” US Patent No. 7,193,054. Issued March 20, 2007.
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