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William Humphrey

William Humphrey

Phone: 585-475-5628
Office: ENG/2523

Mr. William Humphrey is an accomplished mechanical engineer experienced in automotive product development testing and testing systems optimization as well as engineering education. He was a Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University studying atomization and sprays, and earned his M.S. and B.S. degrees in Fluid, Thermal & Aerospace Engineering Science from Case Western Reserve University. Prior to joining the mechanical engineering faculty full-time as a Lecturer in 2009, he taught as an adjunct faculty member in mechanical engineering while working in the automotive industry for Delphi Corporation. Mr. Humphrey is committed to enabling students to develop intuitive understanding of fundamental concepts to maximize their ability to retain and successfully apply the concepts beyond the classroom.

In addition to his formal education in aerospace and mechanical engineering, Mr. Humphrey has nearly a decade of industrial work experience in the automotive industry with Delphi and Trialon Corporations. He has outstanding laboratory experience, and while working at Delphi, he specialized in testing of automotive fuel injector sprays. He received a “trade secret” award from Delphi for a testing and data analysis technique for synchronized high-speed video imaging and time-resolved droplet size measurements to explain seemingly anomalous results in the droplet size measurements of pulsing fuel injector sprays. Mr. Humphrey also automated test data analysis and test request processes to increase the efficiency of the fuel injector spray test lab, reducing processing time and rework by over 75%.

Select Publications

Chmiel, D., C. Ospina, W. Humphrey, L. Markle & F. Brado, “Quantification of Variation in Laser Diffraction Gasoline Fuel Injector Droplet Sizing”, Proceedings of the 21st Annual Conference, ILASS-Americas, Orlando, FL, 2008

Hung, D., W. Humphrey & L. Markle, “Transient Drop Size Characterization of Pulsing Sprays using a Technique Combining Laser Diffraction and Synchronized Imaging”, Proceedings of the 16th Annual Conference, ILASS-Americas, Monterey, CA, 2004

Hung, D., W. Humphrey, L. Markle, D. Chmiel, C. Ospina & F. Brado, “A Novel Transient Drop Sizing Technique for Investigating the Role of Gasoline Injector Sprays in Fuel Mixture Preparation”, Combustion and Flow Diagnostics (Special Publications Paper Collection SP-1831), SAE International, 2004

Corcoran, T., R. Hitron, W. Humphrey & N. Chigier, “Optical Measurement of Nebulizer Sprays: A quantitative comparison of diffraction, phase Doppler interferometry, and time of flight techniques”, Journal of Aerosol Science, Vol. 31, No. 1, 2000

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