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National SWE Conference

What is Conference? Every year there are two SWE conferences, National Conference and Regional Conference. It is an opportunity for the different SWE sections to come together and be exposed to multiple opportunities that benefit both the SWE section itself and its members as individuals. There are many different seminars to attend that share information about developing the section as well as ways to develop as professional women engineers. There is also a career fair with multiple companies looking to hire female engineers for co-ops as well as full time positions. Conference is also a great networking opportunity; not only do you meet professionals and hiring companies but you also will get to know your fellow RIT SWE section members better!

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When and where is Conference? The times and locations of both conferences change yearly. For the 2011/2012 Academic Year National Conference is October 13-15th in Chicago, IL and Regional Conference is in March in New York City.

How much does Conference Cost? The cost of conference varies depending on where it is and how much fundraising we do. Everyone is also required to make a deposit of $250.

Who can attend Conference? If you are a member of SWE you can attend Regional Conference! However, there are a few more requirements in order to attend National Conference. First, you are required to become a national member in order to attend. (Simply go to and sign up and pay your dues!) You must also pay a deposit of $250 and participate in a pre-determined number of hours with SWE events. (Full list of requirements/expectations are found here)


  12/7 - Parker Hannifin Presentation in the Xerox Auditorium at 7pm

We meet every Wednesday at 7pm in Xerox Auditorium
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