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RIT SWE is a student run organization on campus dedicated to organizing activities to promote women in engineering and serving the community. RIT SWE is one of the 50 collegiate sections located in Region E which contains the Mid-Atlantic States.

What does RIT SWE do? Members of SWE can participate in attending social, professional and community service events throughout the year. We also organize one major outreach event every winter called the SWE Overnight. Each year we plan this event which consists of approximately 50 high school junior girls from around the northeast. We introduce them to RIT's campus and show what it is like being an engineer through a series of labs and activities.

What are the benefits of joining? We do a lot of different types of events and activities throughout the year that will help you connect with other students, professionals as well as the community. In addition to meeting to new people, SWE members also have the opportunity to attend both the National and Regional SWE conferences where they are able to network with companies and maybe even land a co-op or full time position.

What type of commitment is SWE? Being a member of SWE requires as much or as little time as you put into it. Unless you are in a leadership position (officer or committee head) you are never required to attend anything. The more events you are involved in however, the more being a SWE member will benefit you.

How do I join RIT SWE? It's easy, just come to any meeting and start participating! Or you can join our mailing list! If you are interested on what the section is doing please email us at requesting to be added to the mailing list. Please specify the reason for the interest so that you can be placed on the correct list.

When are meetings? Every Wednesday night at 7pm in the Bamboo Room!


2005 Outside Student Activities (Education and Outreach Program)
2005 Best Student Section Website
2003 Outstanding Small Student Section (1st place: Increased Enrollment)
2004 Outstanding Student Section Award (1st place: Overnight & Shadow Day )


We meet every Wednesday at 7pm in the Bamboo Room!
Annual Conference is in Baltimore this year!

*See events tab for times and locations