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Anaren (SWE)
Dress Barn
GE Aviation
Mary Kay, Theresa Kusak-Smith
Shear Energy Salon, Lisa Yahn
Dr. Sonia Lopez Alacorn, RIT Computer Eng.
Dr. Callie Babbit, RIT Sustainability
Dr. Adriana Becker-Gomez, RIT Computer Eng.
John Bonzo, RIT Industrial & Systems Eng.
Ryan Bowen, RIT Microelectronic Eng.
Justine Converse, Harris 
Dr. Denis Cormier, RIT Industrial & Systems Eng.
Casey Daggett, SPX
Dr. Elizabeth DeBartolo, RIT Mechanical Eng.
Dr. Sohail Dianat, RIT Electrical Eng. 
David Hathaway, RIT Mechanical Eng.
Dr. Mike Jackson, RIT Microelectronic Eng.
Stacy Johnson, RIT Alumni
John Kaemmerlen, RIT Industrial & Systems Eng.
Dr. Jason Kolodziej, RIT Mechanical Eng.
Robert Kraynik, RIT Mechanical Eng.
Dr. Marca Lam, RIT Mechnical Eng.
Dr. Kathy Lamkin-Kennard, RIT Mechanical Eng.
Jan Maneti, RIT Mechanical Eng.
Dr. Rob Pearson, RIT Microelectronic Eng.
Dr. Dan Phillips, RIT Biomedical Eng.
Dr. Ray Ptucha, RIT Computer Eng.
Dr. Kenneth Ruschak, Chemical Eng.
Dr. Ferat Sahin, Electrical Eng.
Martin Schooping, RIT CIMS, Hot Wheelz Manager
Ken Snyder, RIT Electrical Eng.
James Stefano, RIT Electrical Eng.
Dr. Patricia Taboada-Serrano, RIT Chemical Eng.
Dani Walters, Harris
Dr. Steve Weinstein, RIT Chemical Eng.
Anahita Williamson, NYSP2I
Dr. Shanchieh Yang, RIT Computer Eng.
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