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Podcast Episode 1 - Vigan Behluli

Student Government Podcast Episode 1 Design.

The Student Government of RIT Kosovo Students has announced the production of Podcast Series the first episode is now available. "We will discuss relevant topics or issues surrounding and affecting us as RITK students and young people living in Kosovo. Through the inspiRIT podcast we want to provide some entertainment for our students and a new way to stay engaged during these challenging times". 

These series are planned as follows "The first 5 minutes of the episodes will be updates on club activities, SG activities (elections, senator elections etc.), and any major events in and around campus. After that we will discuss the topic at hand either as hosts or with a guest speaker. The podcast will air every two weeks, each week with a new episode and may include guest speakers. On every episode there will be a host and co-host".


Listen to the full Podcast  - Episode 1

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