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Faculty Planning
Design faculty have collective responsibility for how the allotted time is used. Faculty should come together to plan entire programs rather than arbitrarily moving from problem to problem with each teacher doing their own thing. Individual teachers have responsibility for determining specific assignments, but the consensus decisions of design faculty, and those of individual teachers must mesh. Design faculty have to mutually establish priorities for what will be taught, and at what level specified course work will be given. Once priorities are set and sequenced, then it is a matter of teachers devising problems to fulfill the objectives.

Effective educational programs in Graphic Design result from knowledgeable leadership and faculty teamwork. Faculty members must agree on educational goals and share in the definition of standards, terminology and criteria. They should reinforce one another throughout the entire program to provide a cohesive educational experience for students. Student learning is the first priority, and this is best accomplished through theoretical or hypothetical problems where visual acuity is engendered, process is emphasized, curriculum is sequential, and problem objectives are based on how students learn.


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