Courses Design Principles page 6

1 Line and Shape First Semester

A The four lines

B The four line composition

C The composition as shape and line

D The composition as shape and line with color for one black or white shape

E The composition in five colors


2 Line and Shape Second Semester

A Simple flat shape

B Complex dimensional shape

C Folded paper shape

D Leaf shape

E Fruit or vegetable shape

F Composition using no less than three and no more than four shapes


3 All Work from Principles Class

A Examples of Basic Design Exercises

B Theoretical and/or applied flat and dimensional shapes

C Composition combining at least three shapes from the preceding exercises



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This work is representative of what was done in the basic design class at the same time students were doing the principles. Flat shapes such as the non-biased abstract shape and leaf; and folded paper, abstract shape and fruit or vegetable to illustrate dimensionality through contour. The majority of illustrations are simple compositions using a minimum of three shapes chosen from previous exercises.

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