At MAGIC we learn by making, and through this iterative process, our creative faculty, staff, and students make digital media and content that they are passionate about for users to experience and enjoy.  

MAGIC provides a home for start-up incubation and the commercialization of digital media products. Students bring their ideas and are supported with both business start-up mentorship and access to a full suite of technical tools. One of the most popular programs on campus is the MAGIC Maker Program. To execute in their idea, students are provided with start-up funding for publication and commercialization, access to co-working space and specialized lab facilities, mentorship, coaching, and on-going support from professional staff and industry advisors. Students have the opportunity to earn both co-op credit for their experience.

Spring 2019 Cohort

Elderberry Trails is a top-down adventure game starring a young lumberjack and her journey through a cursed woods. When one day her cabin is trashed by troublesome globs of Elderberry goo, she takes it upon herself to travel the Trails, find the forest’s source of corruption, and rid the woods of an old, twisted tree. Elderberry Trails takes common woodland spaces and elements of European folklore to create an autumnal journey imbued with danger and whimsy. 

Team members:

  • Matthew Barry
  • John Blau
  • Barrington Campbell
  • Elizabeth Dettmann
  • Kally Mihova
  • Michal Zadok

Hellbound is a gritty, dark-fantasy comic that tells the tale of Ellian Fraust, a demon-hunter who is cursed to bear the very demonic blood of those she hunts in her own veins, and a young demon child, Adriel, who after being orphaned and through a twist of fate finds herself as Ellian’s ward. As we follow their journeys, Ellian and Adriel struggle to survive after finding themselves at the epicenter of war, discrimination, political conflict, and events set in motion from a millennia past.


  • Andre Green

Spirit Labyrinth is a VR dungeon crawler where the player must dive deep into the lair of a body-snatching Necromancer. Taking your body for his future vessel, your soul is left trapped in the town, with only the option to conquer the dungeon and regain what was lost. Find adventure and surprises around every corner in an interactive environment, learn the deeper story of what the town once was, and gain allies in unexpected places. 

Team members:

  • Andrew Brook
  • Justin Connolly
  • Jonathan Mura
  • Ray Schefferine
  • Nicholas Zehl

The Itch is a 2D platformer centered around using heart rate as a resource to make objects move, grow, and shoot in order to reach a doctor who can cure a deadly virus. The path to the doctor is full of obstacles as you traverse cavernous environments filled with plant life and people.


  • Dane Sherman

Isomcraft is a 3D mobile puzzle game for both android and I/OS. In this game, you explore various building architectures with famous skyscrapers from across the world and solve puzzles in order to reach the top. Isomcraft is an experience that will both challenge the mind, and make you appreciate the beauty of the architecture behind these buildings.


Naveen Sampath

Burhanuddin Beawerwala


Past Projects

Fall 2018

Crazy Platez is a high-octane, Rochester-themed, casual arcade mobile game, inspired by games like Grand Theft Auto 1 and Crazy Taxi. Racing against the clock (or in this case, your car’s gas tank!), players must crash their way through narrow streets to pick up and deliver “platez” before you run out of time. Crazy Platez is inspired by Rochester, N.Y., where the “Garbage Plate” is a local delicacy. Crazy Platez is available for purchase on iOS and Google Play.

Team members:

  • Sam Cammarata
  • Aidan Markham
  • Noah Ratcliff

Why do some channels make it consistently to the Trending tab? We break down strategies employed by successful YouTubers, and present them in a simple way so you can take your storytelling game to the next level. YouTube Channel:

Team members:

  • Noah Chrysler
  • Oscar Estrada

Intergalactic Abduction is Not Funny is a top-down adventure game that offers a new control mechanism with a dual-stick game controller. In this game, the player has to take control of an alien creature with two stretchable tentacles, where each tentacle is controlled by a joystick on a modern dual-stick controller. 

Team members:

  • Kaiyuan Deng
  • Peng Guan
  • David Liu
  • Jing Lv
  • Zheng Zhang

Summer 2017

Cyberift is a top-down shooter that pits six players against each other in a cyber arena to win glory and become the greatest digital gladiator ever. Players kill AIs and each other to purchase brutal abilities for their characters. The players with the most kills at the end of the match, wins.


  • John Miller

MetroGnome is a rhythm defense game that allows players to explore their music in new and unique ways. You play as the metroGnome in the center of the screen, and have a range around you. Beats during the song will approach your character from either the left or the right, and when they get within your range you have to tap that side of the screen to destroy it. Points are awarded based on how accurate you were.  

Team members:

  • Matt Barry
  • John Blau
  • Barrington Campbell

This psychedelic-themed game with JRPG-style combat, allows the player to fight against various monsters that each embody a different mental illness. As you fight, you will have the opportunity to make the decision to kill the enemy or absorb them into yourself, changing who you are.        

Team members:

  • Zachary Bishopp
  • Pedro DelaCuadra
  • Gavin Keirstead
  • Isabel Marte
  • Jordan Mato
  • Matthew Pressman
  • Robert Santiago
  • Brenden Watts

Cradle is an experimental puzzle game about a young girl using light to investigate shadowy contraptions built from rotating discs and sliding panels. As she solves puzzles, she will reveal the history of her people: how they escaped the end of the world by hiding in an underground bunker.          

Team members:

  • Jonathan Pulsipher
  • Akshay Rachapudi

Pardo is a structured, highly interactive and engaging science platform form intended to educate middle school-aged students who are homeschooled. Attempting to solve the challenge of a lack of resources for this population. Parents need a simple, effective, and immersive way that their children can learn. We are building software that will work with the existing and upcoming devices (phones and virtual reality headsets) that will be an interactive medium for simulated science laboratories.      

Team members:

  • Jose Asilis Feris                
  • Dominic Cicilio         

ColorCoded is an easy to learn logic based puzzle game, targeting mobile and desktop platforms. In ColorCoded, players place colored hexes onto a board, attempting to clear it using the limited number of hexes available. There is no timer or limiting factor, and the player is free to try each puzzle as many times as needed. ColorCoded allows short, but meaningful, puzzles to fill the time on a bus, train, or before a meeting.

Team members:

  • Robert Bailey    
  • John Palermo
  • Kenneth Probeck             

Summer 2016

Attunement Arena is a fast-paced combat game focused on the player’s desire to harness control over powerful elements. Before a match, each player selects different abilities and modifies them with rituals to develop their personalized characters. The game’s creators developed matches on thematic stages with shrines where objectives will become available for battle. Players must balance between attempting to claim an objective and harming their opponents.  

Team members:

  • Jonathan Palmer
  • Kushagra Gupta
  • Dillon Guscott

Gibraltar is a fast-paced, territory-focused, turn-based tactics game—was inspired by Advance Wars and Hearthstone, and Go, a Japanese board game, and was created as “simple entertainment that creates a cool, intellectual experience for the user.” Gibraltar was a national finalist for Microsoft’s annual Imagine Cup student competition in 2016.       

Team members:

  • John Miller
  • Danielle Carmi

Grasshopper’s Winter is an all-ages, family-friendly, touch-enabled mobile app about small bugs and their busy lives, based on the classic “Ant and the Grasshopper” tale.

Team members:

  • Sarah Bishop
  • Rebecca Turgeon
  • Diana Kim
  • Lefan Shi

Shareeek is an advertising web application for consumers and marketers that operates through a reward system. Users are given the opportunity to watch a short advertisement and answer a short survey. In exchange, these users are entered into a lottery in which they become eligible for a monetary prize. This form of “agreed-upon advertising” allows users to make the active decision to view company advertising, resulting in a partnership between users and advertisers. The team intends to initially market its app locally, with the hope of supporting student- and alumni-run businesses.          

Team members:

  • Abdulaziz Almerdasi
  • Alex Christodoulou

Summer 2015

Cenify, a technology startup that develops, manufactures, and distributes AI-based smart products for its clients.

Team members:

  • Nicholas Orefice
  • Alec Satterly
  • Ryan Rule-Hoffman

The goal of Remy is to reduce global poverty by tackling illiteracy with a video game that helps children learn to read.

Team members:

  • David Amata      
  • Jacob Westerback           
  • Kyle Zarnoch      

Adventure Guild is a social, mobile RPG for iOS and Android. Create a party of brave Adventurers and tackle the challenges of the world with your pals.

Team members:

  • Nicholas Rabb
  • Wes Rockholz

Amirelia is a cooperative puzzle game based around metaphors for friendship.

Team members:

  • Arun Abraham
  • Robert Lumsden
  • Bryan O’Neill
  • Sam Trapp
  • Ben Snyder