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On March 4, 2019 we launched the new web presence for the following areas of the University:

Here are some frequently asked questions related to the web launch:

  • To shine a spotlight on our amazing RIT community
  • To improve the web experience and to attract more people to join the RIT community
  • To provide a more safe and secure web environment
  • As an investment in our students, alumni, staff, faculty and prospective students to highlight RIT as an innovative, responsive, creative institution
We gathered feedback from students, staff, faculty, and alumni, to build a more integrated, audience-centric web experience. That means the user can expect:
  • Easier navigation
  • Mobile-friendly Web pages
  • A search engine that will rapidly deliver accurate information
  • A master directory of faculty and staff
  • A unified RIT voice — stories, thought leadership, and accomplishments of this amazing and unique university
  • Students told us to spotlight more success stories on the web. We have created nearly 40 vertical videos called “Faces of RIT” to showcase the amazing students – as well as faculty and alumni – that make up the university
  • For the first time ever, we have created a single master directory for all RIT faculty and staff. Faculty can use the site to update their office hours, bio, contact information, etc.
  • We are now highlighting and organizing information around what our current and future students want to see – for example, access to resources and facilities, research done as an undergraduate student, onboarding information
  • Content is now organized in a visually compelling and easy-to-follow layout and format
  • The new site contains even more mobile-friendly and searchable content
  • By unifying the servers and back-end infrastructure we have reduced our vulnerability to data breaches, cybersecurity, and other risks
  • Having one, holistic web experience helps to ensure we are meeting standards for accessibility
  • For the first time we will have analytics to understand what is and is not working, what is helpful or not, what can be done to improve the web experience for our users
There will be a phased roll-out of the website. In the first round the following pages will be new: After Commencement in May, we will launch an additional three colleges (College of Health Sciences and Technology, College of Science, National Technical Institute for the Deaf). Other areas that will be launched as they are completed include:
  • Additional colleges and degree-granting units
  • Centers and institutes
  • Global campuses
  • Other divisions

A university website is oftentimes the first opportunity to attract and engage with an audience. It is crucial for our current student population, but also for prospective students interested in the RIT experience

Here are some interesting statistics:
  • 94% of prospective students gain their first exposure to a university through the website
  • 92% of prospective students said they would be disappointed if they have a bad web experience
  • 86% of prospective students surveyed consulted university websites, and said it has the greatest impact of any resource on their decision to apply
  • The university website is the #1 source of information through all four stages of the “purchase decision” for the college search/choice process (research, apply, accept/decide, commit)
You can contact the marketing delegate for your college/division to report issues. The list of delegates can be found at https://rit.edu/brandportal/marketing-delegates. You can also submit input via this Website Feedback Form. This is also available in the footer of the new website.