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Brand Essence & Personality

Brand Essence

Our brand essence is the conceptual core of our brand. It serves as the underpinning for everything we say and do. Arranged as an if-and-then statement, it articulates the relationship between creativity and innovation, and how they work together to move the world forward.

Our brand essence is not a tagline, a slogan, or a headline. It’s an internal expression: we don’t use it for external-facing language. Rather, it should be used as a gut check against the decisions we make and the spirit of everything we create.

An Incubator for the Exceptional

If creativity is about ideation, and innovation is the process by which creativity is made real, then RIT is the place that invents new and better ways to move the world forward.

How do we define creativity?
Doing things differently as a result of new ideas, original thought, or a unique point of view.

How do we define innovation?
An invented product or process, a change in the world, or a change within a person.


Personality is what humanizes our brand, bringing our messages to life with greater emotional strength and resonance. These characteristics and qualities help define the way our brand should look and feel— creating alignment between who we authentically are as an institution and how our brand comes to life.


We set our ideas in motion and never back down from a good challenge.

Students sitting in a lecture hall


We explore, analyze, and take things apart because we believe we can make them better.

Student measuring a piece of paper


We thrive on differences, recognizing that true innovation is born from disparate interests and ideas.

Student studying in an open area


Our approach pushes boundaries and rejects constraints.

Student calibrating a machine


Nothing new comes from the expected, common, or complacent— we’re doing something new at RIT.

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