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Website Design and UI

All official RIT websites will utilize the approved website design, which include specified layouts and fonts comprising the following elements:

Style Guide

In order to maintain a level of consistency throughout university web sites, the RIT web style guide was created as an in-depth resource for web designers and developers.

Download the style guide

For quick reference, below are the most common elements of the web style guide.

  • RIT logo lockup
  • Site name
  • Persona bar - Future Students, Current Students, etc. (optional on microsites)
  • Calls-to-action - Inquire, Visit, Apply, Give (optional on microsites)
  • Contextual global links - News, Directory, myRIT (optional on microsites)
  • Primary navigation links
  • Search icon
  • Secondary navigation dropdown (if applicable)
RIT header with dropdown navigation. click to enlarge
  • Unit logo lockup
  • Contact information
  • Social media icons
  • Call-to-action button(s) - Sign up for our newsletter, etc.
  • Site navigation links
site-specific footer. click to enlarge
  • RIT logo lockup
  • Contact information
  • Social media icons
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Primary navigation links
  • Disclaimer, copyright infringement, privacy statement, nondiscrimination, and emergency information links
RIT footer.
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Other elements and resources