When you need an event to make an impact and leave a powerful impression, turn to University Production Services’ Event Support and Engineering group. Working in conjunction with Video Production, Event Support and Engineering produces and manages large- and small-venue video and multimedia productions on and off the RIT campus. We specialized in a broad range of event services including:

  • Media Projection
  • Event Management
  • Display Solutions
  • Location Shooting
  • Live Multi-Camera Events
  • Image Magnification
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Real-Time Captioning
  • Duplication
  • Conversion
  • Distribution Services

Event Support and Engineering works behind the scenes to design, set, and control all aspects of your visual event needs. In consultation with our clients, the group will create a dynamic, visually compelling production.


James Bober

Sr. Assoc. Director of Engineering Services

Steven Wunrow

Executive Director of University Production Services