Secret identities are for superheroes, not universities. To solidify its place as a premier academic institution, RIT needs to present to the public a clear, united, and immediately recognizable “personality” or image.

Toward that end, the university has created a set of brand identity guidelines to ensure that RIT communications across the board have a unified look and feel. They include usage of common university seals and logos, as well as matters concerning typography, official RIT colors, and formatting. Also for RIT's official standards on grammar and style, be sure to consult the RIT Grammar and Style Guide here on this site.

Our most common question is “what are the official RIT colors?” For convenience they are listed below, but please still read through the full set of guidelines.

RIT Orange

RIT Orange
Pantone 165 (on coated), Pantone 021 (on uncoated)
CMYK: C0 M64 Y100 K0
Hex #F36E21

RIT Brown

RIT Brown
Pantone 476 (coated or uncoated)
CMYK: C0 M60 Y70 K85 (on coated only)
Hex #513127

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