Message Center Guidelines

Feeling overwhelmed by email?

There is a better way to organize your official RIT email and other campus notifications via Message Center. The goal of Message Center is to create a trusted source of university communication that allows you to identify what communications you want to receive and how you want to receive that information. Key features include:

  • The ability to receive messages via email or view messages on a message board, or select both.
  • Message categories—Categories have been created to include mandatory (“Institute Emergencies” and “Important Institute Announcements”) and 17 optional messages so you can get a sense of what each communication is about before reading it. This feature allows you to select the amount of communication you want to receive.
  • Opt-out capabilities—While you will not be able to opt out of mandatory communications (e.g., institute emergencies, institute closings, etc.), you will have the opportunity to opt out of the 17 “general announcement” categories.

Screenshot of a website showing the message center

In today's world of spam and "scam" emails it is important for RIT students, faculty, and staff to be able to easily determine that the RIT communications they receive are valid. All Message Center emails you receive will originate from a single Message Center email address and standard text will appear at the end of every message identifying Message Center as the source of the message. 

Please contact your marketing delegate with your Message Center email request.

RIT Faculty or staff wishing to become a Message Center administrator, giving the ability to send messages, should submit their request to the ITS Service Desk.

How to Opt-Out

While you will not be able to opt-out of mandatory communications (e.g. University emergencies, closings, etc.), you will have the opportunity to opt-out of the 17 “general announcement” categories. This means you can opt out of getting email as well as the message board.

Deselect which announcements you do not want to receive via email or myRIT. You cannot opt out of University Emergency notifications. You may opt out of email OR myRIT for Important University Announcements, but not both.

Initial message center view

Log in to the messageBoard

Message Board view of manage preferences

Click "Manage Preferences" from the menu to the left.

Message board clicking update

Click "Update" at the bottom of the page when you are finished.

Using Message Center

Best Practices and protocol for administrators:
We need your help in using Message Center in the appropriate fashion. As administrators, it is important that you do not abuse the system by sending them too many messages to the community. It is viewed as spam and will quickly be deleted. Please consider the following for effective communication:

  • Send only one message. Be strategic on the subject line and the timing.
  • Provide the date, time, location, and contact information where appropriate for your message.
  • Refrain from sending:
    • Picture-only messages. Many recipients are on mobile devices and receive a blank image, and those who use screen readers are unable to interpret text within an image.
    • Messages about RIT events. Instead, submit your event to the RIT Events Calendar. Events added to the RIT Events Calendar are considered for inclusion in News and Events, produced by University Communications, and are promoted via digital signage on campus and RIT Student Life social media updates.
    • Recruitment emails for student research.
    • Communications on behalf of student clubs and organizations.
  • Consider submitting your message to News and Events, produced by University Communications. The electronic newsletter has a robust calendar for events and has the ability to produce "advertisements" if you have larger events. Contact Marie Lang for more information.
  • Consider other options beyond Message Center for disseminating your message, ranging from message boards to social media.

Let's all do our best to use Message Center more effectively.

University Emergencies
Bob Finnerty


Important University Announcements
Bob Finnerty


Barnes & Noble @ RIT
Denishea Ortiz


Community Service Programs
Phyllis Walker


Construction Notifications
Jim Yarrington

Dave Harris


Dining Services
Lyndsey Hicks

Denishea Ortiz


Events Hosted on Campus
Bob Finnerty

Susan Rosinski


Facility Services
Dave Harris

Timothy Trostle


Human Resources and Payroll
Judy DeCourcey

Lizanne Zamites


Information Security
Ben Woelk


Information Technology Services
Omar Phillips


Information from Academic Affairs
Sue Provensano

Katrina Rex


Parking and Transportation Services
Adam Petzoid

Randy Vercauteren


Print and Postal Hub
Cherise Cox


RIT Events
Bob Finnerty

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RIT News
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RIT Surplus Items
Elliote Simpson

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RIT Vendors
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Student Government
Kathy Hall