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RIT Production Services has been serving the RIT community for more than 45 years, providing complete turnkey solutions for video production, event support, web site development and photography services. We are an internal RIT fee-based group, which offers superb customer service and competitive rates.

RIT Production Services invoices for designated services & equipment and never charges for professional staff time. Our internal non-credit bearing activities rates are significantly lower than outside services providers. In most instances the RIT Production Services internal rates are fifty to seventy five percent lower for comparable services and production value.

Chargeback Descriptions:

RIT Non-Credit Bearing Activities
Projects produced for RIT use outside direct course support are charged at internal RIT/RIT Production Services rates are based on cost for materials, services and contract/student labor. There is no charge for professional staff services. RIT Production Services produces a cost estimate before beginning any project.

RIT Non-Credit Bearing Activities, Premium Rate for RUSH services
Projects produced for RIT for uses outside direct course support are charged to the client at a premium rate over Level 2 prices. Rates are dependent on the scope of the project and the timeline. RIT Production Services produces a cost estimate before beginning any project. Availability of RUSH services cannot be guaranteed and must be approved by RIT Production Services' Department Director.

Non-RIT External Organizations
For RIT Production Services to consider accepting an external organization project request the organization must have an existing affiliation with RIT. Prices for these projects are negotiated on a project-by-project basis, are competitive with outside service providers and are taxable.

Staff contact list to request a cost estimate:

Video Production Mark Fragale 585-475-5837
Event Support Jim Bober 585-475-6962