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RIT Production Services provides a full range of standard or high definition video services. These include creating commercials, documentaries, marketing videos, multi-camera switched events, green screen studio production, remotes and the RIT’s SportsZone and SportsZone Live programs on ESPN2 and Time Warner SportsNet. RIT Production Services offers HD non-linear editing with one of our editors in our state-of-the-art AVID digital post-production facilities. We also offer motion graphics services. Finished projects can be captioned and delivered on virtually any format – DVD, CD, Blu-ray, podcast, web or videotape. Whatever your project requires, our award-winning staff has the experience and expertise to guide you through the video production process from concept to completion.

Simple Video Taping Request

Please contact or email:

Ken Richards

HD Production Truck

RIT Production Services's HD broadcast trailer is a full production studio and the only one of its kind in Upstate NY. It’s currently deployed at RIT to broadcast SportsZone Live—a cable sports TV show covering RIT’s home games. But there’s talk of expanding SportsZone Live to cover away games next year and even renting the trailer to other universities.

The 24’ trailer carries five AG-HPX500 P2 HD shoulder-mount camcorders as main cameras, an AG-HPX170 P2 HD handheld for b-roll, four AJ-HPM110P P2 Mobile recorder/players for slow motion/instant replay and field production, two AG-HPG20 P2 Portable field recorders, an AJ-SD93 DVCPRO deck for backup tape recording, several LCD broadcast monitors for engineering and camera shading, and two 50-inch plasmas for multi-viewer walls.

Trailer stats

  • 24’ long with two separate areas—an 8’x17’ main production area and separate 8’x5’ audio area
  • Seats 10 people
  • Runs on 3-phase 60A 120 volt service and has three zones of 45,000 BTU cooling


  • 2 Panasonic Plasma flat screens50
  • Panasonic BT-1760 HD reference monitor
  • Harris Zandar Predator II dual output 32-input multiviewer
  • Panasonic AJ-RC100G remote control units
  • Panasonic BT-LH1760P reference monitor and a Harris VTM-2400
  • Four-channel Clearcom Encore system
  • 24-input 150 HD-SDI switcherKayakGVG
  • 4 Panasonic AJ-HPM110P P2 decks
  • AJ-SD93 DVC-Pro deck for backup
  • DNF 4-way ST300-T slow-mo controller
  • two-channel Harris HD Inscriber G3 with full option set and HD clip playback
  • Yamaha M7CL 40x16 digital mixer with 8x8 channels of AES audio with SDI audio embedding and de-embedding
  • 2 JBL LSR6325P powered speakers and metering by Wholer
  • CD player and iPod dock for playback
  • Mackie 1402 mixer for back up
  • Clearcom PIC-4702 Program Interrupt Controller
  • 2 Clearcom AB100 stereo IFB boxes
  • 3 Sennheiser HMD280 announcer headsets
  • Microphones: 9 Crown PCC 160s, 4 Sennhiser K6 2 Shure SM63 interview mics, lavalier, wireless and table microphonesshotguns,series
  • Panasonic BT-1700 HD reference monitor
  • Harris VTM-2400 waveform/vector monitor
  • 20 Grass Valley HD-SDI distribution amplifiers
  • 5 NTSC to SDI frame synchronizers
  • Evertz dual HD-SDI / SDI closed caption encoder and corresponding decoders
  • Ensemble Designs BE-55 Sync Gen
  • Grass Valley HD protection switch with automatic switchover to an 8x1 HD-SDI backup switcher
  • 5 Panasonic AG-HPX500 P2 HD cameras
  • Vinten Vision 11 and Vision 100 tripods
  • Panasonic BT-LH80W HD LCD monitors on MagicArm mounts
  • Telemetrix Coax-Link system with an HD-SDI option
  • 2x extenders and Fujinon HD 0.6 wide angle adaptors
  • Fujinon HD 1.5 telephoto adaptors
Location Production

RIT Production Services's remote camera packages allow us to record your project virtually anywhere -- inside or outside, in a classroom or in an auditorium, on campus or off campus. The choice is yours.

Our 5 camera packages feature broadcast-quality DVCPro digital videotape for capturing high-quality images in a wide variety of conditions. Our remote lighting and audio packages can be configured to handle a host of on-location shooting scenarios. For large events, we can combine multiple cameras with our remote multi-cam system to create a television program live on location.

Call RIT Production Services today to find out more about Location Production.

Location Services:

  • 5 Panasonic HD P2 HPX500 Camera Packages
  • 2 Panasonic AG-HPX 370 Camera Packages
  • 5 Panasonic AJ-D410 DVCPro Camera Packages
  • Wide Angle and Telephoto lenses
  • Portable Teleprompter
  • Remote dolly/dolly wheels
  • Lowell DP, Lowell Softlight, Dedo Light packages
  • Wired and wireless mic packages (lavs, shotguns and handhelds)
  • *8-channel Shure remote mixing console
  • *additional audio support available upon request
Multi Camera Production

If you have a really big event…or even a small event that requires shooting from multiple camera angles simultaneously, RIT Production Services’s Multi-camera Packages can deliver. Our multi-cam packages are completely portable and low profile, making them convenient to transport and set up virtually anywhere. The integrated switchers allows for transitioning between multiple cameras, video playbacks, graphics, computer displays…or any other video source.

RIT Production Services has an integrated multi-camera system located in RIT’s Gordon Field House, which is readily available to support any field house event. We also have portable units to do multi-camera/multi-source switching anywhere on-campus or off-campus.

Multi-camera production is an excellent choice for those who wish to capture an event as if it were a live “TV show.” Whether you want to record an event to videotape for later distribution or project your program live, multi-camera production is an efficient and economical solution.

Call RIT Production Services for more information about Multi-camera Production.

Digital Editing

RIT Production Services's new state-of-the-art post-production facilities incorporate the latest in digital video editing technology. Based on Apple’s award-winning Final Cut Studio, our facility boasts over a dozen high-end workstations, all linked together via high-speed fibre channel to high-performance storage networking. The result is a seamless workflow from media capture to final output.

Each workstation utilizes:

  • 12 Multi-Core Intel Mac Pro Editing Stations
  • Dual Cinema Displays
  • Reference Audio and Video Monitors
  • Avid Media Composer, Pro Tools Audio Editing, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe After Effects, and much more.

In addition, RIT Production Services utilizes the latest software/hardware solutions to deliver your final project in a multitude of different media formats (DVD, CD, podcast, videotape, streaming media, etc.). Call us to discuss which format is right for you.

We also offer closed-captioning and/or open-captioning services on any production. (See captioning section).

Call RIT Production Services for a complete overview of post-production services.

DVD Authoring

DVD and Blu-Ray have become two of the most popular ways of distributing completed video projects. RIT Production Services's Apple-Certified experts can help you design and create compelling DVD and Blu-Ray content to showcase your video.

DVD and Blu-Ray offer several unique video solutions, including interactive menus, selectable video clips and chapters, video slideshows, and numerous subtitling and captioning options. This requires a different production approach from the traditional “linear” video experience, and also offers exciting potential for presenting your material. Creating a pleasant user experience is the key to any successful DVD/Blu-Ray, and RIT Production Services has the tools and the talent to deliver that experience to your students, clients and customers.

Call RIT Production Services with questions about DVD/Blu-Ray Production.

Media Duplication

RIT Production Services's Master Control provides a variety of recording, playback and duplication services. It is the hub of the RIT cable network, with the capability to air programming through out the RIT campus. Master Control is also where studio productions and live campus feeds can be recorded. In addition, it also provides a dubbing and duplication service of various media including DVD, CD, DV and VHS. Services also provided are transferring older tapes to newer formats, making NTSC/PAL conversions, media quality testing for playability, media repair and video/audio tape enhancement.

  • Blu-Ray Duplication
  • DVD Duplication
  • CD Duplication
  • Analog and Digital Tape Duplication
  • Transferring Old Tapes to Digital Media
  • NTSC/PAL/SECAM Conversions
  • Media Quality Testing For Playability
  • Repair Scratched Disks/Broken Tapes
  • Enhance Poor Quality Media
  • Off air and satellite recordings
  • Broadcasting of media on campus cable system
  • Playback and recording of events in all major RIT auditoriums


Scott Sevensma
Production Engineer

Studio Production

Studio A

Studio A is a fully equipped television studio, designed to meet a wide variety of production needs. This studio is ideal for shooting interviews, small group discussions and/or simple presentations in a quiet, controlled environment. The studio has a fully integrated lighting system and is sound insulated for optimal audio recording quality. There are two set areas to choose from, depending on project needs. Both sets offer flat walls and/or curved corner-section returns for shooting interviews.

Set One offers clients a modular approach. It is pre-lit, with a “news-style” desk that can accommodate up to 4 participants, and there is an integrated computer interface, visualizer and whiteboard available. This is an economical choice for simple presentations, requiring minimal set-up time.

Set Two is completely customizable. A variety of backgrounds are available, including textured backdrops, drapes and blue/green screens. Lighting can be precisely controlled to create a specific look and feel. This is an ideal location for shooting interviews and “talking heads.”

Studio Equipment:

  • RIT Production Services Express Lighting Grid system with numerous fixtures and programmable lighting control board.
  • VGA/RGB scan converters
  • Visualizer
  • VGA/RGB scan converters
  • Whiteboard
  • Teleprompters (2)
  • Up to 5 cameras
  • Green Screen Production
  • Voiceover Booth
  • 15' Varizoom Quick Jib/Camera Crane
  • SD or HD recording
Captioning Services

RIT has a long history and commitment to the deaf community. It is important that you caption your media.

RIT Production Services offers a full line of professional captioning services, which are available to our clients who produce videos and events using our services. Videos from other sources can be captioned as long as you have permission from the program producer or owner of the program.

Please Note: Media captioning for academic purposes (for credit bearing courses) is handled primarily by the Teaching and Learning Studios (TLS). The link to their request form is here:

RIT Production Services offers the following types of captioning:

  • HD (High Definition) and SD (Standard Definition) Captioning
  • Subtitling
  • Videotape Closed Captioning
  • Videotape Open Captioning
  • Online / Web Streaming Video Captioning
  • CD-ROM Captioning
  • DVD-ROM Captioning
  • Real Time Event Captioning
  • Youtube

Please Contact:

Ken Richards
Event Producer/Business Manager

Captioning Information & Other Resources at RIT:
RIT Teach 2 Connect Web Site

RIT Guidelines for Captioning Audio-Visual Media – Provost Office

RIT Web Developers Site

RIT American Sign Language & Deaf Studies Community Center

Twenty First Century Communications & Video Accessibility Act

Captioning For RIT Credit Courses Please Contact Teaching and Learning Studio at ILI:

Captioning for RIT Purchased Media:
Romea Montanaro
(585) 475-2015

NTID Captioning Services:
Paula Hellaby
Operations and Support Specialist
NTID Engineering Services
(585) 475-4369

NTID Engineering Services also supports the Ensemble Video Server to manage video content on My Courses for NTID. To contact them for information, set-up an account, or notify them for uploads:


Ken Richards
Ken Richards
Supervising Event & Production Producer / Business Manager

Video Production Staff