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Information Security News

 RIT Information Security Advisory - Scam Watch
  We've seen a lot of spam over the last few weeks offering everything from cash loans to faculty and staff, various jobs for students, mortgage refinancing, etc. Every year, a few members of the RIT community fall for various scams. You may recognize some of the scams…

RIT Information Security Advisory - Windows Tech Support Scam

RIT Information Security Alert- Phishing Season is Still Open!
Why I’m Receiving This?RIT continues to receive a number of phishing attacks. One current phishing attack is disguised as an email from the Helpdesk and references a pending upgrade. This one is pretty generic, although the attacker has apparently harvested RIT email addresses:How do I know…

RIT Information Security Alert -- Ransomware Attack
  Why am I receiving this message?RIT computers have been attacked with CryptoLocker ransomware. Ransomware is malware that encrypts contents of your computer and then demands a payment in order to receive the decryption key and retrieve the data. Ransomware has been around for a couple of…

RIT Information Security Alert -- Phishing Attacks Targeting RIT
Why am I receiving this message?A number of RIT computer users are clicking on links and supplying passwords in response to messages that may appear to be official RIT communications. There are several phishing attempts circulating around RIT. Here are a couple of them with hints on how to recognize…

Information Security Alert: Heartbleed bug may have exposed your passwords
 Why am I receiving this message?As you may have heard in the news, a major worldwide vulnerability has been discovered that may affect 2/3 of the websites on the internet.…

Information Security Alert: Change your RIT Password and Heartbleed Follow Up
Why am I receiving this message? We wanted to provide an update on the Heartbleed situation and remind you to change your RIT passwords. The Heartbleed bug has been widely reported and will require action on your part. Heartbleed bug background—there is a flaw in versions…

RIT Information Security Alert: Your Password Will Expire Soon Phishing Attacks
If you've received a message with the Subject Line: Your password will expire soon or a similar email, please delete it. The message itself reads: Click here to proceed with your Email update.  How do you know this is a phishing attempt?ITS does not send out emails with links to…

RIT Information Security Alert: Phishing Attacks Targeting RIT
 1. RIT community members are receiving requests to provide University Identification Numbers (UIDs). The attackers are posing as RIT community members who have forgotten their UIDs. The messages are being sent from external email addresses that mimic the RIT email addresses. (For…

RIT Information Security Alert: Important Message Phish
 RIT email users have received another phishing attack that mimics an RIT official message. PLEASE DON'T CLICK ON THE LINK AND PROVIDE YOUR INFO! You'll receive many of these phishing attempts throughout the academic year. We won't be able to warn you about all of them.If you've received a…

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